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  1. Orientation for the period 2010-2020
This period is such a crucial time for any companies in Vietnam in general and Nam Phuong in particular. Ever since Vietnam has become the 150th member of the World Trade Organization, many things have changed due to open market policies applied by the Government. The time has come to face many challenges as well as many opportunities.  Having a deep market research, Nam Phuong has eventually targeted a clear orientation in terms of strategic planning, business administration. We hope to increase productivity, establishing a strong trademark of the best brand name in exporting Vietnamese cement/clinker.
Strategic targets:
During the downturn period, cement & clinker are still considered as critical parts of Nam Phuong Private Enterprise, they are especially critical in exporting and foreign trade.
Apart from all the traditional markets like Bangladesh, India, China and South East Asia…. We are now improving the entire organization and product quality in order to be able to serve other skeptical markets like North America, Europe and Latin America. In the mean time, it is also good to find opportunities in potential markets like Brazil, Africa and Saudi Arabia.
Minerals and other resources:
We keep extending, building up and fulfilling all the market needs as a prestigious distributor. Finding a good way to diversify our product lines is the key to succeed. Nam Phuong is not only a consumer but also a supplier for many factories / manufacturers in Vietnam. We don’t always buy cargos by money, but we exchange cargos instead. By taking care of both inputs (acting as supplier) and outputs (acting as distributor) for many factories, we have been holding really intimate relationships with many major manufacturers in Vietnam. The price of any products we are selling, obviously, as the result will be very much low and competitive.
Our budget is much strengthened with our effective retailing system and petrol stations. Consequently, our customers would get the better service as Nam Phuong is doing business well and having a consistent financial foundation.
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