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  • Nam Phuong private enterprise was found in 2004, passing through all those years, NPPE is now proud to step up to be one of the best cement & clinker exporters in Vietnam.
  • Nam Phuong has such a great foundation in finance, professional business culture and high level responsiveness to any market changes. We are always ready to have deep research on trade regulations or restrictions to make us outstanding. On the other hand, our knowledge is a big advantage to serve all international clients with our best. So, therefore, no matter who you are, as long as you are our customer/client, you better be more than satisfied with everything single service/ product offered by Nam Phuong. We are confident that our business philosophy would create long term partnership to any customers in any countries; the philosophy would partially contribute to encourage the internal development of all parties.
  • On 10th of February 2011, our organization continuously develop our business with the capital of USD 10,000,000
  • In 2012, the general scenario of global economics has created heaps of difficulties for everyone. In spite of all hardships, Nam Phuong still remained profitable because of suitable strategic management, creating new competitive advantage, and excellent customer service. 2012 ended with a big smile when Nam Phuong reached 10% growth rate and total revenue of USD 95,000,000
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