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- Responsible for the continue business development of Casino Marketing – Table.
- Responsible for player development operations.
- Maintains accurate records and documentation so that information can be analyzed at a later time.
- Monitor employee adherence to performance standards regularly.
- Establish and maintain open channels of communication within the Casino Marketing Department.
- Establish a team atmosphere where all members are treated with dignity and respect.
- Trains, counsels and coaches staff in the performance of their duties; prepares and presents regular performance reviews.
- Performs duties as assigned, always presenting oneself as a credit to THE GRAND HO TRAM STRIP and assists others to do the same.
- Performs other job related duties assigned by the management team.

Essential Competencies
- Planning, Organization & Time Management: Creates plans and breaks tasks down into manageable and measurable components in order to achieve organizational, project, and personal goals. Actively controls and structures use of time to most effectively accomplish work, projects, and goals.
- Creativity & Innovation: Generates or facilitates the generation of new ideas, methods, products or solutions based on original, novel or unconventional approaches. Being innovative in predict any risk of labor management of the Company
- Critical Thinking: Evaluates the quality of thinking by analyzing and synthesizing information using a rational and systematic approach.
Problem Solving & Decision Making - Anticipates, recognizes and clearly defines problems using various techniques to systematically analyze, weigh alternatives, and propose solutions. Select a course of action from different alternatives to reduce risk and uncertainty and to create optimal outcomes.
- Adaptability: Recognizes and is open to changing circumstances and alters behavior as necessary.
- Integrity & Ethics: Conducts all business activities according to the highest organizational, social, ethical, and legal standards.
- Team focused: Builds up team work spirit and deliver great supports and assistance to all departments & managers in PR issues

Job requirement

- Must have a track record of effective and successful management.
- Minimum of 3 years experience in casino marketing management required.
- Must have excellent customer service skills and be able to lead and build a strong team.
- Bachelor degree is required and preferably Master Degree.
- Must be fluent in English and Cantonese/ Mandarin or Korean.
- Must be adept in Microsoft office, knowledge of Microsoft SQL is an advantage.
- Must possess excellent customer service skills, interpersonal skills and communication skills.
- Strong team building and problem solving skills is a MUST.
- Must be able to work on weekends, public holidays and any company organized events.
- Must be highly self-motivated, strong analytical/problem solving and decision making.
- Must be cautious, mature, trustworthy and a highly responsible person.

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